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Off and Running Part 3

This week, we are looking at some holiday fun. Yes, the holidays are over, but there were a few activities that are staff enjoys during the holiday or the rest of the year to help relive the holidays.

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A Christmas Story House

The first stop is A Christmas Story House (achristmasstoryhouse). Located in downtown Cleveland, this is the house where the iconic movie The Christmas Story was filmed. The house is filled with props from the leg lamp, to the Red Ryder BB Gun, and it will allow you to relive your favorite scenes in the movie. The house is open year around so there is plenty of time to plan a visit.

Another favorite holiday stop is Castle Noel (castlenoel), in Media, Ohio. This is a Christmas Museum that is filled with props and costumes from your favorite holiday movies. You can see the costumes from Elf, The Santa Clause and The Grinch. Plus, they have Uncle Eddie’s RV from Christmas Vacation. But, what makes this a must stop for our staff is Santa’s Magic Mountain. This is the just like the slide that Ralphie visited in A Christmas Story. After you climb the stairs, you get to go down the slide, complete with on ride photo. Castle Noel is open year around, but has limited hours in the summer. So, make sure you check their website to plan your visit.

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Castle Noel

Of course, a holiday blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Holiday Lights at Kennywood (kennywood) in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Kennywood decorates part of their park every year with over a million twinkling lights. There also some rides that are open, including the Gingerbread Express which is Kennywood’s train with a special holiday theme. There are different stage shows, costume characters, activities for the kids and of course Santa. And if you need to get the last taste of amusement park food before the end of the year, you can visit Kennywood’s famous Potato Patch for some yummy fresh cooked French fries. Holiday Lights is open weekends in November and December, but can close depending on weather. So, make sure you check the website for information when planning your visit.

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                                                © Holiday Lights at Kennywood

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s edition and are inspired to make some holiday (or anytime) memories.


By Michelle Triplett


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